Rinca / Loh Buaya

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Rica or Loh Buaya is the only deck to park ship to access the Komodo island.

It is famous for its trekking. When you arrive, local “guards” will welcome you. They will act as your tour guides to keep you safe . They equip themselves with wooden sticks with branch tips to drive away the komodo dragons. Komodo is usually obscure among its surroundings. Another reason to keep safe is, this giant lizard is the main predator that feeds on deer, pig and cow. Tourists can watch the komodo targets and eat its prey.

When tourists arrive, they immediately see many skulls of the komodo dragon’s preys. Rinca or Loh Buaya is a dry island surrounded by dry grass and few green trees. Tourists feel their adrenalin rising when walking around the island , this might be because komodo dragons look calm but they are ready to attack anything at anytime.

As for photography lovers, they can capture behaviours of these komodo dragons.

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