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The next and beautiful destination is the Padar island. It offers different things and views from the Rinca Island.

Padar island is a perfect place to see the appealing tree sister beach and other scenery. Tourists can carry out many interesting and fun activities such as trekking, snorkeling and diving. Some of the famous spots are Nero Point, Secret Garden, Tree Sister and Pillar Speen. This island is one of the Komodo islands that has three or four small islands with its unique scenery.The perfect spot to swim, snorkel, dive and other water activities is at the pink beach.

Padar island is close to the Rinca island that offers many experiences. Tourists can trek hills and witness the extraordinary scenery. The bright blue sky and the range of island will hypnotize your eyes. Trekking to the highest hill can be very exhausting, but you will view the fantastic panorama, and the perfect time to take pictures for those who are keen on photography. This will be a momentum trekking.

If you plan to visit Komodo island soon, you should add Padar island to your list. The peaceful magnificence will indulge you to stay longer and ultimately urge the feeling of going back.

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