Kalong Island

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Kalong Island is a solitary island and it is the best place for just floating on your boat and witness millions of bats or kalong. Kalong means bats in the Indonesian language.

Every day, foreign tourists visit to watch this unique state. Bats will fly from their nests or shelter at 6.00 pm. They will return the next day and we do not have any idea where they fly to. This recur daily. Visitors can only see these bats from their boats near the Kalong Island because there is no dock.

Many visitors are impressed when watching the bats fly away seeking for food. However, we do not know where they seek. Visitors come in the afternoon to snorkel and dive in the calm sea, while waiting to watch millions of bats to fly out .

The local people believe that Kalong Island is the natural habitat of millions of bats, so there are rules, such as, you may not cut down trees and catch fish that can ruin nature

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