Batu Bolong

Pure Paradise – Explore Your Wonderful Experience

Batu Bolong is also an amazing site and heaven for snorkeling and diving. Many foreign travelers target this site as their destination. Moreover, Batu bolong is one of the best diving area in the Southeast Asia.

Travelers can view the Pinnacle rock that rises from a 75-meter depth in the strait between Tatawa Island and Komodo. You can only dive for certain hours when the downstream is not too strong. Please be alert that this spot is not suitable for beginner divers, thus only professional and licensed divers are allowed. Another attractive spot that will captivate anyone is the appealing natural coral wall. According to some travelers, the most ravishing location is on the north when topography is more precipitous. The underwater world with beautiful natural corals, colourful fish and underwater creatures is also the best part.

So, bring your underwater camera to capture the moment you interact with some of the creatures.

We guarantee, it will be a memorable moment in your entire life.

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