About Labuan Bajo

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Labuan Bajo is one of small town in Indonesia, so calm and beautiful. The town is the gateway into the charm of Flores to complete travel from the west. However,if only want to enjoy the Varanus Komodoensis, which has been determined to be one of the World’s Seven Wonders of Nature,in its natural habitat. Labuan Bajo is an important starting point and the only one of the most convenient and comfortable.

Located on the western tip of Flores, Labuan Bajo is a small town that very recommended to explore exotic Flores started Varanus Komodoensis, Komodo National Park with the beauty underwater life on the western tip of Flores, until Hunting Whales tradition in Lembata, at the eastern tip of Nusa Nipa (Snake Island) Flores.

The last decade, Labuan Bajo can be said a small town. Some even say Labuan Bajo is a big village or regency that was wriggling build to grow into a city. Become a tourism city for periode not too far away.

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