May 2018


Pure Paradise – Explore Your Wonderful Experience The next and beautiful destination is the Padar island. It offers different things and views from the Rinca Island. Padar island is a perfect place to see the appealing tree sister beach and other scenery. Tourists can carry out many interesting and fun activities such as trekking, snorkeling […]

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Manta Point

Pure Paradise – Explore Your Wonderful Experience The next famous location is Manta Point. It is popular for its diving and snorkeling. It’s uniqueness is the appearance of Manta Ray.. The rays are more than three meters in size. While enjoying the rays, you have to be careful because its point has strong currents. It

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Batu Bolong

Pure Paradise – Explore Your Wonderful Experience Batu Bolong is also an amazing site and heaven for snorkeling and diving. Many foreign travelers target this site as their destination. Moreover, Batu bolong is one of the best diving area in the Southeast Asia. Travelers can view the Pinnacle rock that rises from a 75-meter depth

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Gili Lawa

Pure Paradise – Explore Your Wonderful Experience Gili Lawa is another island that offers beautiful panorama and it is famous for its sun set and sun rise. For this reason, many travelers always wait for this special moment. Gili Lawa is divided into two areas; the land Gili Lawa (Gili Lawa Darat) and the Gili

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Kalong Island

Pure Paradise – Explore Your Wonderful Experience Kalong Island is a solitary island and it is the best place for just floating on your boat and witness millions of bats or kalong. Kalong means bats in the Indonesian language. Every day, foreign tourists visit to watch this unique state. Bats will fly from their nests

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Tour to Komodo

The stunning new live-aboard Phinisi, Adishree, offers the perfect escape to the picturesque paradise surrounding Flores, including Komodo adventures. Fully equipped for the adventurer and the luxury traveller, the classic Phinisi is manned by a professional crew including a chef and professional guides. Day trips are also available from Labuan Baju and soon sailing adventures

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Pink Beach

Pure Paradise – Explore Your Wonderful Experience The next destination you can try is Pink Rock. It is a beach with beautiful pink sand. It is located in the west side of Komodo Island. The sea water is magnificent and the pink sand is the main attraction. After strolling the Komodo Island, have a relaxing

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